povo Brand logo guidelines


The povo brand logo is the finest design element that symbolizes povo's vision.
The combination of the two words "pov" ("point of view") and "ab ovo" (Latin for "from egg / from the beginning") means the birth and growth of services from a new perspective.


Protected area

It is important to display the povo logo with independence and distinctiveness.
The following is the minimum protection area to be secured, but please be careful to provide as large a protection area (margin) as possible when displaying concretely.

Text notation

The povo brand is written in English. Please write correctly referring to the following.

Basic notation


The povo brand color is an important element that can be expected to play an effective role in expressing the image of the povo brand in a unified manner.
We have established rules for "povo gray" and "povo yellow" as colors that give customers a feeling of "povo-style" that is different from any other brand.

  • povo gray

    Printing ink PANTONE 423C
    Process (decomposition color) C0% + M0% + Y0% + K68%
    RGB R118 G119 B120
  • povo yellow

    Printing ink PANTONE 101C
    Process (decomposition color) C0% + M0% + Y80% + K0%
    RGB R255 G250 B0