UQ mobile Brand message

シンプルを、みんなに。UQ mobile

What is truly necessary?
What is truly important?

In an increasingly complex world,
there should be a path that leads to answers
by looking straight at the essence.

That's why let's simplify.
The complicated and bothersome things.
Let's make it simpler.
Not by discarding something, but by carefully choosing what is important.

Easy to understand for everyone, no waste for anyone,
To something of value to everyone.
Think simple, make it simple.

The right quality at the right price for everyone.
To deliver “just right” options to everyone.
That is the promise of UQ mobile.

Not flashy, though. Not gorgeous though.
That is the best way to connect each person and the world comfortably.
That is the best way to stay close to them day by day and continue to support them.

We believe so.