au Brand message

おもしろいほうの未来へ au

If two roads stretch out before you,
choose the one you've never traveled,
because you will embark on a journey of discovery.

If there are two ways of doing something,
choose the more challenging one,
because you will learn something new.

If two futures unfold before you,
choose the one you could never have imagined,
because it will thrill and excite you.

If the future is born of the choices we make,
boring choices lead to a boring future.
So let's throw destiny a curve ball.
Let's look beyond our usual partner and work with someone different,
breaking old rules and conventions.
Something new is sure to take shape. A new story is bound to begin.

It's time to take a bold step forward.
To approach life with zeal.
Because the world is an incredibly interesting place.
So let your heart soar further than ever before.
Move towards a future that no one could ever have dreamed.
Fusing communications and life design,
au wants to be the force that brings everyone together.
We want to make tomorrow brighter for us all.