KDDI VISION 2030 is an easy-to-understand message that adds elements of Sustainability Management (The KDDI Group Mission Statement, KDDI Sustainable Action) to the 2030 vision.

Peoples’ values vary.
Society offers more choices.

Beyond these huge changes,
we want to create a new world,
where people accept one another,
and where each of us can make our dreams a reality.

For that to happen, we must overcome some hurdles such as:
- Outdated conventional thinking.
- Preconceptions.
If there are boundaries that keep us apart,
let us eliminate them and connect.
With communication increasingly integrated into our lives,
our capabilities should dramatically increase.

We have the technology.
We have the mindset.
We have the partners.

Together, we can surely make it happen,
while enhancing the power to connect in line with the times.
Let’s enjoy the thrill of creating things.
Let’s go forward together,
towards a more interesting future.

Components of KDDI VISION 2030