KDDI BUSINESS logo guidelines


The KDDI BUSINESS logo is the highest design element that symbolizes the vision of KDDI BUSINESS.
The gradation, which starts from KDDI Blue and gradually becomes brighter, expresses the connection to a bright future that is born from co-creating with customers and partners.


Protected area

It is important that the KDDI BUSINESS logo be displayed independently and with distinctiveness.
The following is the minimum protection area that should be secured, but please take care to provide as large a protection area (margin) as possible when displaying specific information.

Text notation

In principle, all KDDI brands are written in English. Please refer to the following to write correctly.

Basic notation
Basic notation


The KDDI BUSINESS brand color is an important element that can be expected to play an effective role in uniformly expressing the KDDI BUSINESS brand image.
We have established "KDDI Blue" and gradation regulations as a color that gives customers a sense of "KDDI BUSINESS".

KDDI BUSINESS brand color

  • KDDI Blue

    Printing ink PANTONE 2747C
    Process (decomposition color) C100% + M90% + Y0% + K32%
    RGB R14 G13 B106
  • Gradation

    Process (color separation) C78%+M15%+Y0%+K0%
    RGB R0 G157 B221