KDDI Brand logo guidelines


The "KDDI brand logo" is the central element of the "KDDI brand" that includes KDDI as a corporate brand, KDDI as a business brand, and KDDI as a group.


Protected area

It is important to display the KDDI logo with independence and distinctiveness. The following is the minimum protection area to be secured, but please be careful to provide as large a protection area (margin) as possible when displaying concretely.

Text notation

The KDDI brand is written in English. Please write correctly referring to the following.

Basic notation
In the case of company name


The KDDI brand color is an important element that can be expected to play an effective role in expressing the image of the KDDI brand in a unified manner.
We have established a rule of "KDDI Blue" as a color that customers can feel "KDDI-style".

  • Printing ink PANTONE 2747C
    Process (decomposition color) C100% + M90% + Y0% + K32%
    RGB R14 G13 B106